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Considerably more for families

Considerably more for families

The DP fosters the well-being of our citiziens and is particularly committed to families. We want to make their daily lives easier and actively support parents and children.

Considerably less charges

Since 2017, tax relief has eased the burden from the shoulders of low and middle income households in particular. We also ongoingly support the housing situation, be it through improved tax relief options on savings accounts for building works, or via tax relief on homeowners' debt.

Since October 2017, parents of children aged 1 to 4 years benefit from 20 hours of free child care per week.

Starting next year, school books in secondary school will be free of charge for every student.

Considerably better prospects for our children

Individualised support for each child will ensure significantly more quality in child care and schooling.

Through the early language support programme children will learn Luxembourgish. In parallel, they will also get a first playful contact with the French language.

A broader educational offer will make it easier to focus on the strengths of every student. To prepare our young people for the digital world of today and tomorrow, each student should receive a tablet device in the medium term. This will enable schools to offer new learning methods.

Considerably more time for families

To the delight of many parents, the new parental leave model has been in effect for around one year now. This new framework is much more flexible and as one example, allows young parents to take a parental leave of one day per week over a period of 20 months. Parental leave has also become much more attractive financially.

The DP has achieved a lot for families in our country over the past few years, but there is still much to do. We are committed to this every single day.

Paternal leave at the child's birth has been raised from 2 to 10 days. Young fathers wish to have more time to bond with their newborn baby - and they should be afforded this time. Likewise, all mothers will receive 12 weeks of maternity leave after birth. Should their children become ill, parents need some flexibility to be able organise themselves. Leave "for family reasons" will therefore be made more flexible to allow mother and father to be there when their ill child needs them most.

Considerably more hands-on politics

The DP and their Members of Parliament are working to ensure that citizens and families in this country will be better off and that each child receives equal opportunities.

In concrete terms, this means tax relief, high-quality child care and a better educational offer. More for families also means better parental leave, more paternity and maternity leave. This is hands-on DP politics in the interest of families, showing our ongoing commitment.


1st row f.l.t.r.: Gilles Baum, André Bauler, Lydie Polfer, Eugène Berger (DP President of parliament), Simone Beissel, Alexander Krieps, Lex Delles
2nd row f.l.t.r.: Gusty Graas, Joëlle Elvinger, Claude Lamberty, Anne Brasseur, Edy Mertens, Max Hahn

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